Friday, April 25, 2008

CakePHP 1.2 and It's Flaws

In case you don't know what CakePHP is, I will put it to you in simple terms. It is a PHP framework. It allows you to create PHP powered websites without having the hassle of continuously having to write small HTML controls or other small aspects that you would use constantly throughout your application. One site that I have been developing in CakePHP has me a little more skeptical about the framework. Although I am an avid user of the framework, ever since I switched to the new 1.2 build things have been a little more hectic. Not only because I have to learn new aspects of the framework but get around customization issues with the new version. The 1.1 series allowed a lot more in terms of customization in my opinion because it didn't automatically build advanced tags around the controls it produces. I am still going to use CakePHP but lets just say I am going to explore other frameworks such as the Zen framework.

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