Thursday, April 24, 2008

PPC Conversion Test

During my marketing of Free Guestbooks through Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing, I did a test at which one would have better conversions. I spent $100 on each service and the results were sad because Yahoo Search Marketing is supposedly the 2nd best competitor to Google Adwords. Keep in mind these campaigns are highly optimized and I was using each service's conversion tracking code. Out of $100 with Google Adwords I got about 10-15 conversions per day with $10 being spent a day and with Yahoo Search Marketing I got around 3-5 conversions per day with the same budget. The CPC bid was around the same for both as well as the ad position. It just goes to show how much Google dominates the ad market and how their traffic is of higher quality than any other competition. I didn't use Microsoft's new Ad Center because after numerous phone calls to their support service and waiting my ad was not displaying and it was not inappropriate in any way or form. I may just start using Google Adwords as my sole PPC advertising program from now on.

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