Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yahoo and Their Future

I am a big fan of Yahoo and have been for about 3 years now. Why am I a big fan? Simply because they know how to create great websites that offer a lot of content to the user and unlike a lot of online networks, they don't do a sloppy job. Google is great when it comes to web development don't get me wrong but their speciality is web applications and not web content. Yahoo knows how to harness the power of web content and they know how to monetize it. Over the past couple of months a lot of people have been wondering when and if Yahoo will sell to Microsoft. Honestly, I think Yahoo will wait it out because after all they have been around since basically the start of user-viewed internet. Last week there was some great news that Yahoo's profits rose 3x their amount from last year. Some say it won't be enough to sustain the company from the powerful Microsoft but I do. I think Yahoo will ride it out and hopefully they do so Yahoo can keep creatin' those great looking websites.

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