Friday, May 2, 2008

Take Advantage of GUI

If you are a programmer you know adding simple HTML controls and PHP controls or whatever-language-you-use controls are a pain and time consuming. About 2 months ago after I started using a GUI for college for developing Visual Basic .Net computer programs I found that it was a lot easier to just keep dragging the controls in instead of coding them. This saved me so much time that I decided to switch to a GUI for when I develop HTML templates for web pages. I do want one for PHP (Zend Studio) but right now its a little bit out-of-range for my budget (as a software developer I do not pirate because I know how it feels). GUI are like frameworks, they take common tasks and make them a lot more simple than they need be. So one of these days when you are programming or creating an HTML template for your site try a GUI.

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