Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Teach Yourself

A lot of people think in order to learn you have to be taught by someone else. That simply isn't the truth. If you have ever been to high school or college I am sure you can relate that it's the people that want to learn that actually do learn. It's the self motivation they have that allows them to learn so much. Have you ever wanted to learn a new programming language or a graphics program? If you have the best way is to buy a book on the subject and read a chapter per night until the book is done, then take the book and go to your computer and try some of the examples and you should have the basic understanding of the language or program. Online tutorials are also a good source however they can cause errors because they may not be formatted well or the information that the person is trying to convey is wrong or outdated. Books also provide a good structure in learning a new programming language so the code is organized well. Just remember it is not impossible to learn a new trait or skill, it is just how motivated you are to learn it.

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