Saturday, May 31, 2008

Zend PHP Certification

Well I just got my paycheck from Google and so I decided to buy Zend's guide on becoming certified. Hopefully it will help me get more high paying PHP jobs and maybe get me a position with a cool web start up company if they know I have a Zend Certification. I guess it teaches about their framework and different methods while using PHP. So it should be a good book. All in all it will benefit me, by getting it I would move from an intermediate PHP programmer to an expert programmer.

Other than that I have been learning AJAX tonight and the Prototype.js framework is really cool. It basically gets rid of having to deal with all the AJAX mandatory stuff and allows you to code what you really need to.

Also if you ever go to John Chows blog at it provides a lot of information on making money online and now John is showing that the Chinese aren't really any different than us in there daily lives by recording parts of his trip while he is there. Its a really good and interesting blog.

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